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EMV Terminals Available!

We are always working to update all the Terminals and POS Interface to become EMV Compliant.
  • We currently have solutions for the following Machines:
    • VX 520
    • Pax S80
    • Ingenico ICT-220
    • FD 130
    • VX 805 Pinpad
    • FD 35 Pinpad
POS Systems
  • ***Currently are working on getting all systems compliant***
  • We can enable Pinpad for PC America for Credit EMV.

Clover Station is Now Available

Clover is available! This is a wonderful solution for anyone who wants a POS for there business.

Clover Station is intuitive, easy to use and equipped with software that will improve your business. It’s customization is completed by our company,  to meet your needs so it will make an impact from day one and last for the long run.

From managing employees and inventory to serving customers and promoting your business. Clover Station lightens that load. It’s the complete business management system that will have you up, running and improving your business in no time. It can give you access from anywhere so it doesn’t tie you down to your business.