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Here at 1stbankcard Services, we’re always looking for new opportunities to increase your sales. Such as accepting gift cards, loyalty cards. These programs can be special add on to your merchant services. Check acceptance is another add on we can provide for your business. We like to provide exceptional service to our customers, if you have a issue or a problem give us a chance to fix it or create a resolution you are happy with.

Other Services

Gift Card Program

1st Bank Card Services can provide the option for gift cards for your location. Gift Card is a great product to keep customers to give repeat business and often spend more than intended. Gift Cards can delete the function of store credits.

Loyalty Card Program

Loyalty Card programs are another great way to get those customer into the store. You can offer free products, minor discounts or a percentage off purchases, which increases foot traffic in your store. Customer loyalty is what is needed by all businesses, why not provide something ensure this happens.

Merchant Enrollment Includes

New merchants are automatically provided with even more savings and service right from the start

  • Terminal Supplies are provided once requested via email or phone and shipped FREE of charge
  • Replacement of Terminals
  • 24/7 access to your transaction information from our Online Account (must be requested)

TeleCheck Services

Customers who want to write checks can do that with TeleCheck services, you can accept checks just like credit cards. Checks are converted into electronic deposits, so the payments go directly into your bank account, just like your credit card processing